OTOL Blue Ridge Roanoke Excursion 2021: Homepage

Saturday & Sunday, July 10-11, 2021

Created 7/16/20; Updated 5/24/21

OTOL Blue Ridge Roanoke Excursion 2021 will be a 2-day round trip between Northeastern cities and Roanoke, VA on Amtrak's Northeast Regional service. The goal is to visit Roanoke and view the Blue Ridge Mountains. For many, the segment between Lynchburg and Roanoke will be new trackage for them.

This trip will be our group's first travel together since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As such this trip will start out small and simple for us, and also take into consideration that some may not yet be comfortable in restaurants together (the train schedule means we obtain food from the cafe car). Furthermore, much rail transit and commuter rail may not yet be back to full frequency, so we will save those longer trips to places that have transit and commuter for a later time.

The federal mandate for masking aboard public transportation due to the pandemic will still be in effect, so your can plan these trips for what is most comfortable for you. Assuming our Northeast Regional trains remain on time, travel between Washington, DC and Roanoke in either direction should be about 5 hours. Travel to or from points north of there will mean a longer time you are required to wear a mask.

List of participantsUpdated 6/4/21
Tentative ItineraryUpdated 5/24/21

Travel southbound on Amtrak Northeast Regional from Northeastern cities to Roanoke, VA.

Travel northbound on Amtrak Northeast Regional from Roanoke, VA to Northeastern cities.