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Hotel Listing for Jacksonville, FL

Created 2/4/07; Updated 6/5/18

HotelAddressLocationNear station
1201 Riverplace Blvd.SouthbankNote 3
1413 Prudential Dr.SouthbankNote 3
1331 Prudential Dr.SouthbankNote 3
1201 Kings Ave.SouthbankNote 1
225 E. Coast Line Dr.DowntownNote 2
1515 Prudential Dr.SouthbankNote 1
245 Water St.DowntownNote 2
Note 1: Skyway Kings Avenue
Note 2: Skyway Central
Note 3: Skyway Riverplace
All of the above hotels are in Downtown Jacksonville or the Southbank area. None of them are near the Jacksonville Amtrak station. There is one local bus route between the Jacksonville Amtrak station and Downtown Jacksonville. Use route 3. It runs 7 days a week.

Jacksonville Skyway runs Monday through Friday only, 6 AM until 9 PM. No service weekends or late nights, except during special events.