OTOL Atlantic Coast RailFest 2013
Red Signals

Jacksonville * Charlotte * Norfolk * Northern Virginia

July 14-19, 2013

Created 4/12/13

During the OTOL Atlantic Coast RailFest 2013 we will ride many rail lines in our host cities. There will still be, however, some trains we won't able to ride. Here is a synopsis of what we will miss:


Charlotte Trolley: The Charlotte Trolley, which initially operated as a private company, predates the modern light rail system. It ran on the same corridor as LYNX Blue Line does today. In its earliest incarnation, it was shoved by a power car. Service was suspended in 2006 as the line was prepared for light rail, and it resumed in early 2008 under the wires on an hourly basis on weekends for 2-1/2 years, now under control of Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). Along the section of line they shared, the Trolley made more stops than the light rail, but it continued to terminate in Atherton Mill. CATS ended Trolley service in June of 2010 due to low ridership. The Atherton Mill site survives as a museum, but the rolling stock is stored in the CATS light rail yard.