OTOL Toronto RailFest Itineraries

July 14-19, 2004

The main working itinerary was Itinerary B (as in Buffalo). This itinerary included the Pre-Fest, starting on Wednesday, July 14th. Those who followed this itinerary originally were to stop in Syracuse to ride the now-cancelled OnTrack. However due to weather & lateness we skipped Syracuse and remained on Train #281 to Buffalo. We boarded the westbound MAPLE LEAF at Buffalo-Exchange Street Station at 3:06 PM on Thursday, July 15th.

Some alternate itineraries were developed since we had some people going by different routes and joining or leaving us at various times.

Itinerary A was developed to allow participants to skip the Pre-Fest and proceed right to Toronto. This group departed from New York City on the MAPLE LEAF on Thursday morning, July 15th. They were joined by those following Itineraries B and C in Buffalo, when the latter board the same train.

Itinerary C (as in Chicago) was for people coming from the west, for whom a trip to New York City would have been out of the way. This group utilized the LAKE SHORE LIMITED in both directions between Chicago and Buffalo-Depew Station. They left from Chicago on Wednesday, July 14, and arrived in Buffalo on Thursday morning, July 15th. In Buffalo, they joined with Group B in riding the light rail line. Together with Group B, they boarded the MAPLE LEAF at Buffalo-Exchange Street Station for Toronto.

All three groups would arrive together in Toronto, and proceed with the same itinerary from that point.

Itinerary AItinerary BItinerary C