OTOL Missouri-Texas RailFest 2017
Red Signals

Kansas City * St. Louis * Dallas * Chicago

July 15-22, 2017

Created 7/9/17

During the OTOL Missouri-Texas RailFest 2017 we will ride many rail lines in our host cities. However, there are still some trains we won't able to ride for various reasons. Here is a synopsis of what we will miss:

St. Louis

The Delmar Loop Trolley will be in testing phase during our visit and thus won't be available for us to ride. Among this trolley's fleet are cars that were once in service on Seattle's George Benson Streetcar line and the Portland Vintage Trolley, so we may have already ridden them in both cities in 2010 during our Pacific Northwest RailFest. We will ride the Delmar Loop Trolley on a subsequent visit to St. Louis.


Trinity Railway Express is a commuter rail operation that runs 6 days a week between Dallas and Fort Worth. We rode it in its entirety during our 2005 Eagle RailFest. Unless we end up with a lot of spare time, there are no plans to ride it again as a group on this visit to Dallas.

In 2005 we rode the entire DART Red and Blue Lines as they existed back then. While the Blue Line has been extended to Rowlett in the north, and UNT-Dallas on the south end, the Red Line has not been extended any further. So other than the sections it shares with other lines and perhaps along the downtown trunk line as far as Cityplace, we do not plan on riding the Red Line to either of its endpoints.


While you may need to ride CTA subways or elevated trains during our time in Chicago, we have no official activities on them planned.