Boston Scanner Frequencies

Created 9/15/05; Updated 9/26/07

Following is a listing of the various radio frequencies used by various railroad operations in the Boston area.


Northeast Corridor160.920
LAKE SHORE LTD./Inland Route160.800
DOWNEASTER: North Station-Lowell Jct.160.320
DOWNEASTER: Lowell Jct.-Haverhill161.160 *

MBTA Commuter Rail-North Division

Fitchburg Line: North Station-Willows160.320
Fitchburg Line: Willows-Fitchburg161.160 *
Lowell Line: North Station-Bleachery160.320
Lowell Line: Wildcat Branch160.320
Lowell Line: Bleachery-Lowell161.160 *
Haverhill Line: North Station-Lowell Jct.160.590
Haverhill Line: Lowell Jct.-Haverhill161.160 *
Newburyport Line160.590
Rockport Line160.590
North Side Yards160.875
* This is Pan Am Railways dispatcher-to-train frequency. Train-to-dispatcher frequency in these areas is 161.520.

MBTA Commuter Rail-South Division

Framingham-Worcester Line160.800
Needham Line160.920
Franklin Line160.920
Fairmount Line (Dorchester Branch)160.920
Attleboro-Providence Line160.920
Stoughton Line160.920
Old Colony Lines161.490
South Side Yards160.070

MBTA Rapid Transit

Blue Line470.6875
Orange Line470.6125
Red Line: Heavy Rail470.4125
Red Line: Mattapan Trolley470.6375
Green Line470.6375