OTOL Southeast RailFest 2011
Red Signals

Atlanta * New Orleans * Memphis

July 17-23, 2011

Created 2/4/11; Updated 5/3/12

During the OTOL Southeast RailFest 2011 we rode many rail lines in our host cities. There were still, however, some trains we weren't able to ride. Here is a synopsis of what we missed:


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport People Mover: Now known as The Plane Train, it is located entirely within the airport's sterile area. So unless anyone was flying into or out of Atlanta, they could not ride this system.

Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad: Essentially an amusement park attraction, this 5-mile train ride encircles Stone Mountain, located about ten miles east of downtown Atlanta. Without frequent direct transporation to and from Stone Mountain, it was impossible for our large group to get there and back.