OTOL Toronto RailFest 2019

July 15-20, 2019

Created 11/26/09; Updated 6/8/19

OTOL Toronto RailFest 2019 will be a follow-up trip to our OTOL Toronto RailFest journey in 2004, and our OTOL Montreal RailFest event in the summer of 2006 (when we also travelled to Toronto). We will visit some lines and stations in the Toronto area that were not yet in service at those times. Overnight stays are planned in the vicinity of Toronto Pearson International Airport, to and from which we will ride the UP Express all three evenings and mornings while in town.

The westbound and eastbound trips to & from Toronto were broken up with stopovers in Utica, NY and Schenectady, NY respectively. If they wish to do so, participants could also remain on board the Maple Leaf for its full 12 hour trip in either direction.

Monday, July 15
Leave New York City in the morning on a northbound/westbound Amtrak Empire Service train. Arrive in Utica, NY that evening. Overnight there.

Tuesday, July 16
Leave Utica, NY on westbound Maple Leaf. Arrive Toronto in evening. Overnight in Toronto.

Wednesday, July 17
GO TRANSIT round trips to Mt. Pleasant and Aurora, followed by branch routes of the 504 King Streetcar. Overnight in Toronto.

Thursday, July 18
Ride Link Train within the airport. Then GO TRANSIT commuter rail to Mt. Joy & back, also Scarborough RT (Line 3), Bloor Danforth subway (Line 2), and the Younge-University subway (Line 1) including newest segment to Vaughan. End day with 510 Spadina Streetcar. Overnight in Toronto.

Friday, July 19
Leave Toronto in morning on eastbound Maple Leaf. Arrive evening in Schenectady. Overnight in Schenectady.

Saturday, July 20
Board eastbound/southbound Amtrak Empire Service train in morning. Arrive New York City early afternoon.

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