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Boston RailFest 2023
Silver Star Raleigh Excursion 2022
Blue Ridge Roanoke Excursion 2021
Denver RailFest 2019
Toronto RailFest 2019
New York-Massachusetts RailFest 2019
Louisiana-Texas RailFest 2018
New York Area RailFest 2018
Missouri-Texas RailFest 2017
Virginia RailFest 2017
Pacific Coast RailFest 2016
New York Area RailFest 2016
Midwest RailFest 2015
Washington Area RailFest 2015
Rockies RailFest 2014
East Coast RailFest 2014
Atlantic Coast RailFest 2013
New England RailFest 2013
Chief RailFest 2012
Philadelphia Area
All Request RailFest 2012
Southeast RailFest 2011
New York Area
All Request RailFest 2011
Long Island RailFest 2010
Pacific Northwest RailFest 2010
Metro New York RailFest 2010
Southern California RailFest 2009
Metro New York RailFest 2009
Boston "T" Party 2008
Garden State RailFest 2008
Florida RailFest 2008
Big Apple RailFest 2008
Boston "T" Party 2007
Northern California RailFest 2007
Big Apple RailFest 2007
Keystone Excursion 2006
Mid Atlantic RailFest 2006
Montreal RailFest 2006
New Jersey RailFest 2006
Big Apple RailFest 2006
Washington DC RailFest 2005
Eagle RailFest 2005
Philadelphia Area RailFest 2005
Big Apple RailFest 2005
Toronto RailFest 2004
Philadelphia Area RailFest 2004
Metro New York RailFest 2003
Windy City RailFest 2003
AppleFest 2003
JerseyFest 2002
Boston "T" Party 2002
AppleFest 2002
Cleveland RailFest 2001
PhillyFest 2001

Tentative Fest Calendar
Burlington, VT Excursion 2023
Texas-Oklahoma RailFest 202X
Midwest RailFest 202X

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Intercity Rail
Commuter Rail
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